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Club Catcher

$59 $45 / 2-pack with free shipping

Unit Count

Note: At least 2 club units are required unless you keep your phone in your pocket. See How does Club Catcher Work?

Lightweight sensors and a free mobile app alert you when you leave a club behind.

It just works, so you can spend more time enjoying the course, honing your shots, whatever golf means to you.

How to set up
  1. Screw Club Catcher units into your club grips
  2. Download the Free App from App Store or Play Store
  3. Register each club in the app
      • Light sensors and angle sensors determine whether each club is IN or OUT of your bag.
      • Club units communicate their IN/OUT status to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy.
      • The free mobile app (iOS and Android) monitors each club’s status to determine when you’ve left one behind, and gives you an alert before you go to the next hole.
      • Works with smartwatches.

            Step 1

            Install Club Catcher On Your Club

            Step 2

            Download The Club Catcher App And Start Swinging!

            Step 3

            Go Pick Up That Club You Forgot

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            LOVE MY CLUB CATCHERS!!!

            For those who sometimes leave their wedge on the green, this product completely prevents it. It is so easy to setup and it works perfectly. The catchers are the same width as a standard grip so they don’t affect your swing and are barely noticeable. I also use a Bluetooth speaker in the cart. If you leave a club behind, my watch, phone and speaker alert me of the Club being out of the bag. You can even select from a ton of alert sounds in the app. It is pretty much fail proof. I highly recommend Club Catchers to all my golfing friends.

            Nancy Koupal

            Club Catcher

            Ben Ball
            Saved My Wedge!

            This product is made for me as I left my 52 degree wedge on the practice or prior hole green not once, not twice, but 5 times during my golf league last season. Now a loud and persistent alarm goes off on my phone which I leave in the golf cart anytime one of my wedges is separated from my putter as I drive away. No more frustration of holding my group up but you will want to shut the loud alarm off quickly!

            This is a great thing if you have ever left any clubs or lost some.

            This is a great thing if you have ever left any clubs or lost some. It will definitely let you know and the people who sold this to me at the PGA show were very helpful anytime I called getting it set up. It will drain your phone in a round of golf.

            Saved My Wedge!

            I’ve used it only once, but glad I had it. Saved my wedge!!!